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Northcore Construction Corp. is a Northern New Jersey building company.

Northcore is a company that has made a recognizable positive impact on the construction of high-quality custom homes and residential additions.

For over 35 years, owner John Lipari has completed projects on time and within budget. This impressive record has given Northcore a position of prominence in the construction and development industry.

Project by project, Northcore has built a proud reputation for integrity, reliability, and professional competence. Northcore's diversity and range of work include custom homes, residential additions, significant renovations, and light commercial projects.

Photo of John Lipari, President of Northcore Construction Corp.

John Lipari, 

Owner, President
Photo 2012

"Over 35 Years of
        Building Fine Homes and
                Distinctive Residential Additions"

- John Lipari, Owner

"Extraordinary projects demand a strategic and intelligent approach, they demand people who know what it takes to work in unison with the end result in mind"


Something from the Past

Photo of John Lipari, 1986 with Excavator Battaglia Excavation

Photo - 1988

Vincent Battaglia, John Lipari, Anthony Battaglia

John Lipari with Vincent and Anthony Battaglia from Battaglia Excavation.
"It has been over 35 years, and I have never excavated a foundation without them. 
Thank you, guys; here's to the next 20 years!! "



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