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Dust Control & COVID-19

Workspace Dust and Air Containment Control (Healthcare Construction Standards)
Northcore implements a RIGOROUS daily housekeeping program;

  • Surface Protection - Non-skid, Non-leak floor runners (all paths of construction)

  • Sealed off HVAC returns and grills within the workspace (within the construction area)

  • Air Guardian Dust Shield (AG) (between construction area and clean zone)

  • Air Scrubber and Air Purification Equipment (within the construction area)

  • HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners

  • Negative Pressure Containment During Demolition  - Exhausting at least 10% more cubic feet per minute of clean HEPA-filtered air, out of the space than is supplied into it, to create and maintain negative pressure within that space. This helps to eliminate dust from clean zones.

Air Scrubber and Air Purification Equipment

Jobsite - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Northcore implements STRICK daily standard operating procedures for all workers; 

  • Face Coverings (at all times)

  • Rubber Gloves (outside of the work zone)

  • Shoe Covers - (outside of the work zone)

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations- (regularly)

  • Workspace - Social Distancing (when possible)

  • Non-Contact Digital Infrared
    Forehead Thermometer (
    upon project entry)

Construction worker wearing dust mask

Update 02/01/2022: 
Masks are no longer required and are at the option of the individual or the request of the property owner.


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