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“So now we are thoroughly enjoying the investment we made and all I can say is thank you, Northcore Construction, for living up to my confidence and thank you, John Lipari, for a job extremely well done

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NORTHCORE leverages specialized construction software to prepare comprehensive estimates and oversee all construction processes meticulously. Drawing upon our wealth of experience from similar past projects, we proactively recommend optimal construction methods to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring maximum value for our clients. Our dedication to employing innovative solutions underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional results while maintaining cost-effectiveness throughout every phase of construction.

Project Scheduling

At Northcore, we firmly believe that meticulous planning is the cornerstone of success. From the initial estimation phase, we prioritize planning and scheduling to lay a solid foundation for each project. We engage with project owners early on, ensuring continuous collaboration to identify project objectives and schedule goals. Through open communication and active involvement, we integrate milestone dates into the final schedule, aligning every aspect of the project with the client's vision and expectations. By adhering to this disciplined approach, Northcore ensures transparency, efficiency, and the timely achievement of project milestones.

Project Management

John Lipari assumes a pivotal role in orchestrating the scheduling and phasing of all construction activities, working hand in hand with the project owner. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, John bears the responsibility of ensuring timely project completion while adhering to the allocated budget. His leadership ensures that every aspect of the construction process aligns seamlessly with the project's objectives and timeline. By overseeing the coordination of resources, tasks, and milestones, John upholds Northcore's reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, thereby fostering trust and satisfaction among our valued clients.

Our 3 Step No Cost, No Obligation Bid and Detailed Proposal

We will schedule a meeting with you at your project location to thoroughly review your plans and specifications

Following this, we will conduct a comprehensive digital takeoff of your plans to ensure precise estimation.

Subsequently, you will receive a detailed proposal outlining every aspect of your project, provided with no obligation attached.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will prepare and present a clear language contract for your thorough review and consideration.

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A professional builder at an affordable price.


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